Introduction and Conference Themes

About the conference

The International Conference on China Urban Development series was initiated in 2010 and has since become an important platform for fostering academic research, facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue and sharing research findings and experiences with a global academic community on the issues of urbanisation and urban transformation in China. There has been a series of International Conference on China’s Urban Transition and City Planning, which were organised by the same organisers as those of this conference. Following three conferences in Hong Kong and Shanghai and two conferences in Cardiff, UK, the 2017 International Conference on China Urban Development will come to London and is hosted by the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (UCL). We would like to extend this invitation to scholars around the globe to attend the conference and share with us your research.

Conference themes

After a period of fast economic growth, China has now entered a stage of slow growth while seeing the continuing momentum of urbanization and profound urban transformation. In addition to longstanding research topics on various aspects of the production of the built environment (such as housing provision, regional development etc.), there is a growing focus on the social challenges of urbanisation and the governance of Chinese cities. In light of the ongoing debate about the limits of universalist theorisations of the urban and the need to engage with the globalisation of urban processes, research on urban China also has implications for the wider academic community and helps the reinterpretation of existing theories.

Consequently, the conference particularly welcomes papers that try to understand China development through a comparative perspective of urban studies. The conference themes include but are not limited to:

  • Urbanization, governing the future city, and urban transformation
  • Urban economic, housing, and land development
  • Urban sustainability and environment
  • Urban social development
  • Urban planning and policies
  • Theoretical significance of China urban development
  • Comparative urbanism