Research Associate

The Bartlett School of Planning seeks to appoint a Research Associate with a background in Planning, Geography or an appropriate relevant discipline. The appointed researcher will be required to work closely with the project PI (Prof. Fulong Wu) and CIs (Prof. Nick Gallent and Dr. Fangzhu Zhang) to examine the financialisation of urban development (housing, land and infrastructure) in China and assess the associated financial risks to China. The research aims to provide a deeper understanding of the financialisation process, financing Chinese economic growth and urban development and its current transformation at multiple scales. It also examines household behaviour in financing housing consumption; financing for housing and land development projects; and infrastructure financing alongside the macroeconomic implications of financialisation more generally. Appointment at Grade 7 is dependent upon having been awarded a PhD (Salary, inclusive of London allowance, £34,635 – £41,864 per annum) (or having the equivalent experience). If this is not the case, the initial appointment will be at Grade 6B (£30,316 – £31,967 per annum) with payment at Grade 7 being backdated to the date of final submission of PhD thesis. The post will be for 18 months starting 1st January 2018 until 30th June 2019.


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